The Solid Compass

The Solid Compass

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Russia and the CIS countries rate among the most resource-rich areas of the world.

The question is what is actually the situation with the processing of these raw materials, which are highly significant for so many industries in this market? What are the qualitative and quantitative standards and technical requirements that the experts from the agriculture, construction, chemistry, food-, glass-, paper-, plastics- industry or from the raw material and mining industry are to deal with while processing of bulk materials?

The processing of raw materials using the modern methods of the complex area of process automation is nowadays an absolutely necessary requirement when it comes to the global competitiveness of businesses.

This approach is applied all over the world and is equally applicable for the users of bulk solids technology in Russia and in the CIS countries. Therefore, being longtime industry experts on the Russian market, the editors of "The Solid Compass" target at giving a clearer market orientation to the participants of the Russian and international market.

We believe that the Russian bulk industry is generally facing great challenge. As all application areas need to undergo the following: the necessary technological adjustments, education and training of specialized professionals and ultimately the high investments require a very precise overview of the market.

With the so called "Industry Compass" we would like to contribute to a more intense professional dialogue between all market participants in the field of bulk solids technology. In ourregular magazine you will find opinions of Russian and international experts, manufacturers and end-users, representatives from research and education, politics and associations. The editorial of "The Solid Compass" consists of a team of professionals, i.e. from "genuine people". Despite all the modern communication channels, the direct and personal professional discussion is the main principle of our philosophy. Therefore, we are delighted about the cooperation with the POWX - Expo & Conference.

If the entire industry meets regularly and personally in Moscow, this will certainly lead to a further dynamic development of the bulk industry in Russia.


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