Experts' council

The Solid Dialogue is supported by the expert council consisting of

Prof. Dr. Mikhail B. Generalov

Head of Expert Council

Head of the Academic Department "Constructional design of technological machines and systems in the chemical industry"

Moscow State Engineering University (MAMI)

Dr.-Ing. Prof. Segej V. Belukov

Member of Expert Council

Acting Director of the Institute of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Moscow State Engineering University (MAMI)

Dr.-Ing. Prof. Vycheslav Y. Borshchev

Member of Expert Council

Tambov State Technical University

Dr.-Ing. Prof. Vyacheslav V. Silkin

Member of Expert Council

Moscow Automobile and Road Construction University

Dr.-Ing. Vladimir F. Sorochinsky

Member of Expert Council

Deputy Director for scientific research All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of grain and products of its processing

Dr.-Ing. Prof. Vladimir D. Kharitonov

Member of Expert Council

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, State Russian Institute for Dairy Industry